How To Become A Photographer – Tips For Getting a Photography Job

With the popularity of inexpensive digital cameras that take great pictures many people want to know how to become a photographer. While having the proper equipment is one piece of the puzzle you’ll also need to have skill and creativity to make sure your photos are marketable.

One of the things you’ll want to consider is that most photographers work irregular hours, and take part time work to supplement their income. More than half of all photographers are self-employed and work in a freelance capacity. Work conditions vary and photographers often need to be ready at a moment’s notice for a variety of assignments.

There are some photographers who contract with national companies to take images for advertising, media, and marketing materials. These types of photography jobs can be found on popular outsourcing websites. By hiring on as a contract worker you can prove yourself, and often be rewarded with long term work.

Photojournalists are often employed by television stations, newspapers, and magazines. This type of assignment can be exciting depending on the venue you cover. For instance, you are often sent on assignment to sporting events, community events, political gatherings, or newsworthy location. Submitting your resume and portfolio to these companies is an effective way to get noticed for these positions.

Another popular way to make money as a photographer is to upload your images to stock photo websites. These websites pay you a commission each time one of your photos is downloaded. Many photographers make a full time income just by uploaded photos to these stock photo websites. The great thing about this method is once you take and upload the images the process of getting paid is practically automatic. You can sign up for these websites and begin uploading your images to start making money.