Digital Photography Jobs

First of all, before we get into the ‘meat of the matter’ I would like to ask you one question.

Are you sure you want a job in digital photography?

Often that means taking pictures for people, websites, magazines and so on. If I was you, I would rather work from home and submit my digital photos to the web and get paid to do so.

Yes, that is possible, and here’s a cold, hard fact for you: people are making six figure incomes doing this. Doing something they love to do.

The system is based on submitting pictures to the web, to certain websites actually (sorry, I’m not legally allowed to reveal them just yet!) and when people browse these websites and come across your photo and decide to download it, you get paid every time your picture gets downloaded.

It’s very simple, there are even techniques to maximize income from this and get more people to download your photos, and the photos don’t even have to be of a professional quality, amateur photographers get paid very well too.

In the beginning I was also interested in Digital Photography Jobs, but when I came across this solution which allowed me to “work” from home and make more money than I would do at any job, then I mere thought of a job ceased to exist in my mind.

So basically, this is an opportunity for anyone with a camera to make money online and improve the quality of their lives with a good income.

I wouldn’t call it work, because it’s an activity you enjoy doing, so in essence you get paid to play around! Sounds almost silly, doesn’t it?

Well, before you go applying to companies for a job, you might want to consider this path as well.